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Find live stream channels, gameplay videos, montages and reviews.


Portal to games we are currently playing or watching.


Mostly Dungeons & Dragons stuff, look away. Lest ye be cursed.



We hardly ever stream but we used to stream this.

Mostly for nostalgia

Halo 5 and MCC

Some of us actually still play these games. I will be excited to update this Halo Infinite though.

This is the new sauce

Dungeons & Dragons

Fifth Edition

Let's be honest for a minute. Nobody checks this site anymore. This may be the only reason you are here. If so, thank you. And, Welcome.

Still confused, Keep reading

The smile is a lie

Yes, I put this site together. I know that it's a waste of time. Honestly though, how does it make you feel to be reading about my wasted time while browsing through the fruits of my time wasted?
This person isn't real. That's why he's smiling and you're not. This could be you. You could be smiling. But instead you're here reading this nonsense. Please get on with your day and leave this place.
Mark Markerton
Moral Support

I don't even own a dog

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